We have many different historic working dog books and magazines in our display. Because many of these materials are more than 70 years old and both fragile and valuable, the majority of them are safely protected in archival-quality plastic when they travel with us.

However, we know people would love to get a look inside, so we've started the arduous task of scanning them and putting them online for people to read. Click the images below to see our online albums.

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Historic Working Dog Books

Make trimming your dog's nails part of your regular routine.


Click the logo above to go to the website and learn more about the annual Green Mountain Iron Dog Competition.

Dogs for Defense K-9 is an educational    organization located near Fort Drum in upstate New York.


We present programs on the history of military working dogs, dog safety, bite prevention, and Service Dogs to organizations, clubs, schools, and businesses.

Additionally, we share all things dog through our Facebook page. Although heavy on working-dog news articles and links, we try to cover a wide variety of dog-related content, from funny dog memes to news, to links about dog sports and activities.

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Like this video? You'd love our display on the history of military working dogs. Click here to get a sneak peak at what we do, orwatch our YouTube playlist of great historical war dog videos.

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